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Numenera Cypher Deck 2

Skip the Tables and Generate Hundreds of Cyphers on the Fly

Cypher Deck 2 Cover 2014-09-16b

Cyphers are among the most common type of numenera devices in the Ninth World. Usually single-use and frequently cobbled together or used in ways completely unrelated to their original intent, cyphers are a great opportunity for characters to discover and use the numenera as one-time weapons, wearable devices, quick heals, and more.

The 120 full-color cards in the Numenera Cypher Deck 2 allow GMs and players to randomly generate cyphers on the fly. Twenty item cards are lavishly illustrated with different device types, while each of the 100 power cards offers multiple power options to match the device. Simply draw an item card to determine the cypher device type, then draw a power card and choose one of the powers given—voila! You’ve generated a cypher in seconds. And the player can hold onto the power card to keep the cypher’s power description handy.


The Cypher Deck 2 draws its cyphers from those in Technology Compendium: Sir Arthour’s Guide to the Numenera, and includes the biotech item type not included in the first Numenera Cypher Deck.

This deck is completely compatible with the first Numenera Cypher Deck. Use either deck, combine them, or choose cards from each to make your own selection of random cyphers. (The Numenera Cypher Deck 2 does not duplicate any content from the first deck.) And if you have the Numenera Cypher Chest, a printout of this deck stores nicely with your other decks in one of the available storage slots.


Numenera Cypher Deck 2
PDF only (POD available from DriveThruRPG)
By Monte Cook
$7.99 (PDF)

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