Doctrine of Ghul

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An ancient manuscript scribed by the Half God himself. . .

Ghul. The creator of Goth Gulgamel, the fortress halfway up the Spire. Self-proclaimed offspring of Eslathagos Malkith—who himself created the wicked citadel at the top of the Spire, one of the most innately evil sites in the world. Lately, talk has been swirling around Delver’s Square—talk of a newly uncovered ancient manuscript scribed by the Half God himself.

Some seek the manuscript to ensure it is destroyed. A few want it to glorify Ghul. And some believe it holds the key to powerful magics they hope to harness for themselves. The motives are varied, but one thing is certain: the race to find it is on!

Does the manuscript even exist? And if it does, what does its unearthing portend?

Doctrine of Ghul is a hefty standalone adventure set in Ptolus, the city by the Spire. It’s suitable for 5e characters of roughly 5th level, or Cypher System characters of roughly second tier, and can be easily adjusted upward or downward in difficulty.


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