Extreme Cyphers

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How powerful can a cypher be?

The namesake of the Cypher System, cyphers are one-use abilities (often in the form of items) that characters gain and use over the course of play. Their effects are esoteric and can vary in power. Fortunately, unlike conventional unchanging character abilities, cyphers can only be used once, so even very powerful cyphers don’t unduly disrupt your game.

Which begs the question: How powerful can they be? What if there was a cypher that could create a volcano, for example? Cause an eclipse? Spawn a tornado?

Extreme Cyphers 1 Kieran Yanner

Extreme Cyphers explores the outer limits of cypher power, presenting 40 new cyphers with extreme effects. Move instantly to any location you’re aware of—anywhere. Create a blast equivalent to a small tactical nuke. Conjure a nearly godlike creature to fight on your behalf. Move mountains. Erase a creature from existence. Defeat death.

Sprinkle them into your campaign for a little high-power spice. Give them out as major rewards. Or build entire adventures around obtaining them.

The cyphers in Extreme Cyphers are 100% compatible with Numenera, The Strange, or any Cypher System campaign.

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