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Numenera Character and Creature Standups

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Bring the Ninth World to life on your game table!

Do you love using minis and maps for your RPG sessions? Or maybe your style is more “theater of the mind”—but you find that seeing the characters and creatures out on the table really helps build the scene. Either way, these Numenera standups give you an entire collection of beautiful, evocative minis ready to spring to life on your game table—no painting required!


Printed on heavy gameboard stock, with plastic bases, this collection gives you over 140 die-cut, full-color, double-sided characters, creatures, and NPCs at 28mm scale. They’re beautiful and sturdy, and easily transported and deployed.

In PDF, you get two versions of the file: One that’s identical to the printed standups (for printing on heavy stock if you have your own bases), and another that lets you fold the standups into self-standing tents. Print as many as you need for your encounters!

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