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Numenera Creature Deck

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Scores of foes at your fingertips—and your convenience!


Winner: Best Aid/Accessory

Build encounters quickly and easily, or create them randomly on the fly. Then give your players a look at their foes before plunging into combat.

This deck contains 99 of the most commonly encountered creatures in the Ninth World, drawn from both the Numenera corebook and The Ninth World Bestiary. When you need to build an encounter (either when prepping your game or at the gaming table), simply draw a card from this deck. You’ve got basic stats (with a reference to the corebook, for full stats and info) on one side, and an image to share with your players on the reverse. Even if you don’t choose cards randomly, you can still pick out the ones you need when prepping for your game–you’ll be astounded at the time you save!


The Creature Deck is also available in print (along with the Numenera Cypher Deck and XP Deck) as part of the Numenera Cypher Chest. It’s a great price for all three decks, and you get a handy, game-shelf-friendly box to store them in, along with any additional decks you pick up (such as the Cypher Deck 2)!

PDF purchasers: To print your Creature Deck, set your double-sided printer to short-edge binding and print on a cardstock material. Then, with a sharp utility knife and straight edge, use the crop marks as guides to trim the cards apart. If you don’t have a double-sided printer, print the pages individually and then glue them back-to-back with a thin, even coat of adhesive. Before glueing, hold the back-to-back sheets up to a light source to ensure they are lining up correctly. The gutters between the cards give you a little bit of leeway if the two sides do not line up exactly.

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