Planebreaker GM Screen

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A multiverse of exotic planes at your fingertips!

The Planebreaker continuously crashes between all the planes of existence, leaving behind an invisible path winding through the multiverse. The Planebreaker GM Screen is a game master’s essential aid for navigating that interdimensional road and the many planes it passes through. Commonly referenced information is condensed for easy access on topics thoroughly described in Path of the Planebreaker.

With this screen, you’ll enjoy loads of useful info in an easy-to-access format:

  • Generate random planar landscapes.
  • Generate random planar locations (including new places described in the sourcebook).
  • Generate random planar encounters (including new creatures from the sourcebook)
  • Generate odd stuff found on the planes.
  • All that, plus an overview of the Planebreaker itself, including the mysterious city of Timeborne.

For the players, four landscape-format panels set the mood with amazing images of other planes of existence.

The four-panel Planebreaker GM Screen is printed in landscape format on heavy game board, making it as sturdy and durable as it is beautiful. The information is system-neutral, making it equally useful to GMs of 5e and the Cypher System.

The PDF version provides pages sized to fit the World’s Greatest Screen from Hammerdog Games, or any landscape-format customizable GM screen. It includes 30 pages of alternate artwork—choose your favorite to display on the players’ side!

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