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Swordbreakers (PDF)


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An Elite Organization of The Strange

Recruited from an already-elite team called the Prime Element on Earth, the Swordbreakers are among the best of the best. They can acclimate to almost any recursion, environment, or situation. But their primary mission is facing threats that arise in the recursion of Ardeyn.

Swordbreakers: An Elite Organization of the Strange gives players and game masters a close look at a select group of NPC recursors active across the Strange—but especially in Ardeyn.


As a GM resource, Swordbreakers introduces a crack team of NPCs for players to ally with, fight, or even aspire to join, along with the history, goals, and short description of the group’s main base.

As a player resource, Swordbreakers provides NPC patrons or allies and an affiliate organization for those who want to expand their horizons.

In addition, this fractal also includes:

  • Several adventure seeds
  • A detailed location (Swordbreaker Keep)
  • Two new artifacts
  • And a new focus

It’s up to the PCs: Will their characters oppose, ally with, or join the Swordbreakers?

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