The Banewarrens

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An ancient storehouse of evil has been opened…

In the murky recesses of time, a powerful and benevolent cleric set upon a well-intentioned plan. In those days, evil was on the decline, and the forces of darkness had been routed in almost every field of battle. Danar Rotansin sought to finalize this defeat by gathering evil artifacts, objects of dark power, trapped essences of vanquished fiends, demonic relics, and even the last vestiges of particularly horrible diseases. He imprisoned these “banes” in a deep and powerful network of vaults, believing that to destroy them would release their evil back into the world.

But evil has its ways of subverting even the best among us, and Danar’s Rotansin’s path led toward darker destinies. His vaults, however, still remain deep beneath Ptolus. And now they are once again opened.

Can the PCs seal the Banewarrens before their contents make their way into the world once more? And who will help—or seek the dark treasures for themselves? The answers might seem surprising, and the PCs never know who to trust.

This dynamic mega-adventure sends the PCs down into the dungeons below Ptolus—and out into the streets. It pits the PCs against other Ptolus adventurers—some self-serving, some downright evil—in a race to seal the Banes before their horror is unleashed upon the world.

This mini-campaign is suitable for 5e characters of roughly 6th level (potentially taking them up to 10th level or so), or Cypher System characters of roughly third tier.

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