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Announcing the Invisible Sun Reprint Kickstarter

Announcing the Invisible Sun Reprint Kickstarter

Invisible Sun, the groundbreaking, visionary roleplaying game of surreal fantasy and truly magical magic from Monte Cook, sold out well in advance of its launch date in September. If you missed it—or if you got a copy of the Black Cube, but missed your chance to get a Vislae Kit or other related releases—we have good news: MCG intends to reprint Invisible Sun in 2019! (Already have Invisible Sun? There’s good news for you, too—see below.)

Invisible Sun is an enormously complex product to make and deliver—almost certainly the most audacious RPG production of all time, and among the most complex of all tabletop games in any category. That’s why we’re taking the reprint to Kickstarter. A Kickstarter campaign not only funds a costly print run, it also helps us judge demand to ensure we make the right quantity. Too many is wasteful—not only of our resources, but at 33lb (15kg) per game, of the world’s as well. Too few leaves us in exactly the situation we’re in now, with gamers clamoring for a Black Cube that we can’t give them. A Kickstarter campaign helps us get the number just right.

Even more importantly, it gives us another opportunity to offer additional items to new backers, and to potentially expand the range of the Invisible Sun line with new titles. And, of course, to broaden the Invisible Sun community as we reach thousands of new players.

The Invisible Sun reprint Kickstarter will launch on Tuesday, October 23rd. If you’d like to be notified when the campaign launches, you can sign up here.

New Rewards for Existing Invisible Sun Players!

While the reprint Kickstarter is aimed primarily at gamers who didn’t get in on the original campaign, those who already own the Black Cube will get some cool benefits, too—whether or not they participate. If the campaign funds, every backer of the original Invisible Sun campaign will receive a gift from us. And we’ll make some items that are currently unavailable, possibly, through stretch goals, including new supplements.

Illustration by Matt Stawicki.
  • If the campaign funds, every backer of the original Invisible Sun Kickstarter campaign will get a free copy of We Begin at the End, a standalone adventure for Invisible Sun optimized for new players and GMs, in digital format. You don’t have to do anything at all to receive this—you’ll automatically get it if the reprint campaign reaches its funding goal. (Of course, helping to spread the word will make this reward more likely!)
  • It’s possible there may be stretch goals that will extend to the original Kickstarter backers, too. So if you backed the original campaign, you may get some stretch goals from this one—even if you don’t back it!
  • We will offer The Key in print and PDF as a standalone purchase. The Key is the largest of the four game books in the Black Cube, containing character generation rules and other information frequently referenced not just by the GM, but by all the players (particularly when conceptualizing and generating characters). A second copy is handy!
  • If the campaign is sufficiently successful, we will reprint the Vislae Kit.
  • We also hope to unlock additional supplements.
  • Plus we’ll offer a great deal on a package of the supplements already in the works. If you backed the original campaign, but just for the Black Cube, or if you purchased Invisible Sun from MCG or your FLGS, this is a great way to get Book M, Secrets of Silent Streets, Teratology, The Threshold, and The Nightside delivered directly to you when they come out—at a great price.
  • And the campaign will offer a variety of items, such as Wicked Keys, that probably won’t be available otherwise.

Sign up here to be notified when the reprint campaign launches. And even if you already have Invisible Sun, check out the Kickstarter on October 23, spread the word, and help us make Invisible Sun an even more amazing game!

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