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Asset Deck

Asset Deck

Sometimes characters are inspired even when their players aren’t

Sometimes things just come together. Sometimes you just happen to have exactly the ideal tool or the perfect insight.

And sometimes it’s great to give the players just a touch of inspiration and additional narrative control. And a little extra reward for a particularly challenging encounter or adventure.

The 100-card Asset Deck brings all these factors together, adding a new dimension of play to any Numenera, The Strange, or Cypher System game. At the conclusion of an adventure, at the end of an important encounter—or anytime you want to reward excellent play—give your players a card from the Asset Deck. You can draw one at random or pick one that seems just right. The card provides an asset the player can hang onto and play whenever they wish.

These cards put more narrative power in the hands of the players, allow characters to be a bit inspired even when their players might not be, and enhance the fun of the whole group!

And get the NPC Deck now as well!

Asset Deck
By Monte Cook
100-card deck
$7.99 (PDF); $19.99 (print)

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