August: Gen Con 2017

MCG will be at Gen Con 2017 (August 17–20) in Indianapolis, Indiana! We’re at booth #2519 in the exhibit hall, near the rightmost entrance:

MCG booth #2519; click for larger image

The Gen Con event finder is live!

Seminars and Signings

Come celebrate Gen Con 50 with us!





Games, Games, Games!

Here are the official game events our volunteer GMs are running multiple times over the course of the show!

Our friends at Lone Shark Games are running many slots of the new Ninth World card game (set in the world of Numenera).

Keep an eye out for later additions to the event schedule, including independent GMs running their own adventures for Numenera, The Strange, and the Cypher System!

Come run a game or a demo with us!

We’re still looking for volunteer GMs for some of our event slots! If you’re available for any of these slots, email with the event you’d like to run.

We currently have available some 2-hour Booth Demos (comprising four 30-minute demos) and several 4-hour full games. Volunteering for us gets you access to all our adventures for this year’s convention, swag, and our eternal gratitude!

Thursday, August 17th

  • 10am-12pm: Demo – Predation
  • 12pm-2pm: Demo – Numenera

Friday, August 18th

  • 2pm-4pm: Demo – Predation
  • 7pm-11pm: Game – Numenera: Awakening the Jade Colossus

Saturday, August 19th

  • 11am-3pm: Game – Predation: The Cawdor Complex
  • 2pm-6pm: Game – The Strange: Mad Professor’s Gambit
  • 5pm-9pm: Game – The Strange: Mad Professor’s Gambit
  • 5pm-9pm: Game – Predation: The Cawdor Complex

Sunday, August 20th

  • 11am-3pm: Game – The Strange: Mad Professor’s Gambit


Sean Reynolds
Sean Reynolds

<p>Sean K Reynolds grew up in southern California. He’s been a webmaster, game designer, developer, freelancer-wrangler, and many other jobs that can’t be described in one or two words. He’s worked on a couple hundred books for a half a dozen RPGs, designed videogames, taught classes on game design, written plays and musicals, judged international talent-search contests, won game design awards, and had bit parts in geeky movies. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his four cats. Sean is the Community Relations Coordinator at Monte Cook Games.</p>