Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, commemorating the struggle for women’s rights all over the world. Growing up, I was told that being a woman wouldn’t stop me from having the job of my dreams…I could even be the President of the United States, though it would be a ‘tough row to hoe’ (to use the vernacular with which I’m sure my mom couched my presidential aspirations).

So, on International Women’s Day 2017, I give thanks for the strong women in my life, past and present, who’ve helped shape who I am. I feel extraordinarily grateful for the chance I was given to raise my daughter Olivia as a strong woman and to be to her the example my mom was to me. Working at MCG is a dream-come-true for me, and having Olivia’s eyes on me, watching and learning (celebrating the successes, and overcoming the obstacles) is a great honor. I know my daughter can achieve her goals regardless of her gender, and I hope for her that the row is a little less harder to hoe thanks to the many strong women in whose footsteps we follow.


Compelling Voice by Jason Engle, from Invisible Sun
Characters in a Fight by Tiffany Turrill, from No Thank You, Evil!
Fire Rescue by Jacob Atienza, from the Cypher System Rulebook
The Poison Eater by Ben Wootten, from The Poison Eater
Vore Type by John Petersen, from Predation
Water of Urd by Sam Cullum, from The Strange
Poison Seller by Mirco Paganessi, from Gods of the Fall
Tammie Webb Ryan
Tammie Webb Ryan

Tammie Webb Ryan entered the game industry as a playtester for the first edition of Pinnacle Entertainment’s Deadlands, and has since worked at Last Unicorn Games and Wizards of the Coast, and as a freelance editor. Tammie is the Administrative Manager for Monte Cook Games.