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Explore New Planes—and More! Announcing Planebreaker for 5e and Cypher System

Explore New Planes—and More! Announcing Planebreaker for 5e and Cypher System

A cursed moon hurtles through the multiverse, crashing from one plane to the next, never at rest, forever fleeing a catastrophe that predates existence itself. Behold the Planebreaker!

The Planebreaker visits all planes, all demiworlds, and all dimensions. Gods and demons, angels and mortals, undead and outsiders alike—all eventually see it streak across their realm. Some worlds visited by the moon are known to sages and planar travelers. But in a multiverse stretching across epochs, the number of previously uncatalogued planes is vast. The Planebreaker races through all of them, in time.

We’re excited to announce a new and exciting supplement for Fifth Edition and Cypher System adventurers: Path of the Planebreaker! Path of the Planebreaker is the lead title in the Planebreaker Kickstarter.

Path of the Planebreaker is a sourcebook that brings the wonders, terrors, mysteries, and treasures of new, alternate worlds—plus the inexplicable Planebreaker, an ever-travelling moon—to 5th edition and Cypher System players and GMs. It includes:

  • Dozens of brand-new planes to explore and adventure in
  • A bestiary of planar creatures
  • Playable planar species for PCs
  • New planar class options for players including new subclasses 
  • Exciting new feats and spells to help you explore these new planes

This gorgeously illustrated hardcover gives you everything you need to add whole new dimensions to your game.

Path of the Planebreaker is by legendary RPG designers Bruce R. Cordell, Sean K Reynolds, and Monte Cook. All three are well known for their work on D&D—across four editions—as well as titles such as Planescape, Arcana Evolved, Pathfinder, HeroClix, Return to the Temple of Elemental EvilPtolus, Numenera, the Cypher System, Invisible Sun, and so much more.

Want to take a short jaunt into the planes right now? Download the Path of the Planebreaker Preview from the Kickstarter right now, and explore the Citadel of the Fate-Eater and the shadow-stitched rogue subclass for 5e—they’re both ready to use in your game now!

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