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Important Info for Kickstarter Backers and Preorder Customers

Important Info for Kickstarter Backers and Preorder Customers

This post is directed specifically toward Numenera Kickstarter backers and preorder customers. PDFs will be available to you on Thursday! You’ll get sent an email from DriveThruRPG. This means, first and foremost, make sure you can get emails from them. This entails two things. If you have ever been to their website, you might have been asked if you wanted to opt out of getting emails from them. Go to your DriveThruRPG account and make sure you are not currently “opted out.” Second, make sure that mail from is not going to end up in your spam folder.

PDF fulfillment of the corebook and Player’s Guide will happen on 1 August; other products will follow shortly thereafter. You’ll get a separate email from DTRPG for each product you’re owed, so keep your eyes out. YOU MUST READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE CLICKING ANY LINKS IN THE EMAIL. It will take many hours to send all the emails and fulfill orders, so don’t panic if a friend gets his email and PDF the morning of 1 August, but you don’t have your email yet. If you don’t have it by the end of the day, you can panic then.

Essentially, the email that you will get will start out with a link. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK. This is an automatic link that their system generates and would send you to the product page for the product you are getting, if that product was generally available. However, since you are getting access to the ebook product early, THIS LINK WILL NOT WORK.

Instead, read further down in the email, where you are given a second, special link. Using this, it will put a copy of the product in your shopping cart. Then, using the UNIQUE CODE that you will also get in the same email, you can check out and get the product for free.

If you have followed all these instructions and still can’t get your ebook, please email It makes things more difficult for us (and slow for you) to post your questions or issues as comments or messages on Kickstarter. Please use Tammie will answer your email quickly. She is awesome.

Everyone Else

If you are not a Kickstarter backer or a preorder customer, you will be able to get the Numenera corebook and Player’s Guide in ebook or print form on the official launch date, August 14th.


If you still have questions about the Numenera character creation app, make sure you check out the FAQ we put together in conjunction with 3lb Games.

Transmissions from the Ninth World

Also, check out this interview editor Shanna Germain and I did regarding the Ninth World setting. Lots of details in there. Numenera fans should really check out the Ninth World Hub. It’s a great place for all things Numenera.

Cartography Kickstarter

Numenera cartographer Chris West has a Kickstarter to produce some deluxe versions of the some of the Ninth World maps. Looks pretty spiffy!


In case you missed it, we are working with Reaper Miniatures to create a set of metal miniatures for Numenera. I’m very excited! Check out this link for more info.

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