Invisible Sun to Sell through Full Print Run

Allocation Coming to Retail Channel

Following the retailer response to Invisible Sun at the GAMA Trade Show last week in Reno, NV, Monte Cook Games now anticipates having to allocate retail distribution of the initial print run of the new tabletop roleplaying game.

Charles Ryan, MCG COO, explained, “With its esoteric setting, new approaches to the RPG experience, and high price point, Invisible Sun was a riskier product than a more conventional RPG. It’s also a very expensive product to make, so we were, naturally, careful to choose realistic print numbers when we sent it to press. It was very clear at GAMA that the risk paid off, though, because the response was pretty incredible. The demand we’re now seeing for Invisible Sun won’t be met by the initial print run, and we’ll have to allocate to distribution.”

The severity of the allocation isn’t yet clear, and a decision on the advent and timing of a potential reprint hasn’t been made. The company expects to understand more in the weeks to come.

“For now, I recommend that any retailer wanting to stock this game should place their order as soon as they can,” Ryan commented. “Supplies are definitely going to be limited.”

Invisible Sun is the forthcoming roleplaying game of surreal fantasy, secrets, and magic from Monte Cook Games. It set a Kickstarter funding record for an original-property tabletop roleplaying game. It releases in May 2018. Find more information about Invisible Sun at

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