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It’s Only Magic

It’s Only Magic

From cozy witchcore to chilling supernatural threats…

Imagine a world of spells, glamours, ghosts, and demons—a world like ours, with today’s society, technology, and culture. Perhaps a cozy witchcore setting, or a frantic campaign where dark supernatural forces threaten existence itself. Whatever your vision, It’s Only Magic brings a touch—or a truckload—of magic to the modern world.

Find tools and advice for integrating magic and the supernatural into any modern game, along with adventures and inspiration; rules, creatures, and character options; and a richly detailed setting you can use for a cozy standalone campaign or drop into a larger magic-touched world.

Inside this book you’ll find:

  • Great adventure and worldbuilding advice for creating fun, compelling modern magic campaigns.
  • New foci, descriptors, and other character options. Create a magical hacker who makes cyphers on their phone, a fast and furious driver who imbues their car with magic, or a gun wizard who shoots spells.
  • Optional rules for magic cozy or grand. Craft magic items, find your familiar, or load up on cantrips.
  • Loads of magical creatures. Discover bargainer demons, gargoyles, haunted cars, Bloody Mary—even a centaur barista. Plus species descriptors for player characters!
  • A cozy, coffee-shop-magic campaign setting: The Axial. Set your whole game here, or drop this richly detailed neighborhood (or any of its many detailed sites) into any city in your current campaign.
  • Plus a second, bonus campaign setting: New Grimsby by Eric Campbell and Jody Houser of The Streampunks!
  • Three complete adventures you can use in any game of modern magic.

It’s Only Magic
By Dominique Dickey, Sean K. Reynolds, and Shanna Germain
224-page hardcover or PDF
$49.99 (hardcover); $18.99 (PDF)

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