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Join us at Gamehole Con: October 17 – 20

Join us at Gamehole Con: October 17 – 20

The entire Monte Cook Games team will be at our favorite gaming con: Gamehole Con, in Madison, WI, in October.

As we do every year, we’re sponsoring the MCG Lounge. What a fantastic setup: all of our gaming in one place, right alongside a relaxing lounge area with tables, sofas, and more. There’s even a bar! (Plus coffee and really great ice cream just downstairs—and the taco truck at Gamehole Con can’t be beat!)

Gamehole Con is a wonderful mid-sized show that punches way above its weight in terms of industry guests and cool things to do. It’s big enough to keep you busy with a dizzying array of events and activities throughout its four days, but small enough to have a cozy, laid-back feel.

This is the only show the entire MCG team attends, so if you want to hang out and chat with our crew, grab an autograph or three, and maybe even get in on a game with one of us, this is the show to do it at. We’d love to see you there!

And of course we’ll have our booth with MCG product (including the occasional hard-to-get item), plus a full slate of events and adventures for the Cypher System, Numenera, Stealing Stories for the Devil, The Devil’s Dandy Dogs, and No Thank You, Evil!, among others. It’s all in the MCG Lounge at Gamehole Con!

If you’re just looking to give a new game a try, we’ll also have loads of demos. No registration needed—just drop by and we’ll fit you in!

(If you love running MCG games, we’d love to have you join our cadre of fantastic GMs. It’s fun and the perks are great! Find more details and sign up here.)

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