Kickstarter Fulfillment Update

Kickstarter Fulfillment Update

Well, last week was a tough week. As you might have read, one week ago my father passed away. I was very much “out of commission” for most of the week. We had to cancel our trip to London and Nine Worlds Geekfest. Shanna and I did, however, make it to the warehouse in Atlanta to sign (and in many cases personalize) almost 2,000 books and products. While we were there, we laid eyes on corebooks (deluxe and regular), Player’s Guides, dice, t-shirts, and the printed Nightmare Switches. The screens and cards were expected to arrive on Tuesday. That means that orders without cards and screens began shipping on Monday and orders with them started shipping on Tuesday. There are thousands of shipments to make, however, so it’s going to take a while to get them all out the door.


The corebook and Player’s Guide ebooks have been sent out, and if you didn’t get yours and sent an email to, you’ve been sent a new link. If you still haven’t received it, there’s clearly something weird going on, and you should contact again, WITH THE NAME OF THE BOOK IN THE SUBJECT LINE. This new requirement speeds up the process by a considerable margin now that we have multiple titles out there.

Ebook codes for the Nightmare Switch, the Kickstarter-exclusive adventure, will go out on Monday, followed by the XP Deck, the Cypher Deck, the GM screen, and then the Fat Dragon terrain (codes for each new product will be sent every couple of days, so those will all be staggered).

The vast majority of you have noticed that things worked a lot more smoothly for the Player’s Guide than for the corebook. That’s because we think we have most of the kinks worked out on everyone’s end. However, just to be sure, you can help us get the ebook links to you by doing the following things:

1. Make sure emails from DriveThruRPG aren’t/won’t get caught in your spam filter.

2. Log in to, and click the Account tab in the upper right. Under “E-Mail Notifications” click “Select how I wish to be contacted by publishers.” Next to “Default Options,” be sure the Receive Emails? pulldown says “Yes.” Or use this direct link.

If you’ve already done these things, you’re good to go, and any problems are likely on our end. But as I said, for the most part we think those are cleared up.

Launch Day

The 14th is the official launch day for Numenera, where it goes on sale (both ebook and in print) worldwide. Tell your friends! Write a review! Post on Facebook! Talk to your local retailer! Help us spread the word on Thursday that everyone can finally get a copy and play the game.

The Future

Sometime later this month, if all goes well, the character creation app will be available and we’ll send it to backers. Although there will be a small handful of Numenera Thunderstone preview copies at GenCon, the game looks to be a September release and AEG will ship copies to backers at that time.

The Devil’s Spine will ship in October. The rest of the products made possible by the Kickstarter will ship next year. Oh, and it’s also looking very, very likely that with Q Workshop’s help, we’ll be producing more dice sets and they will be available in coming months. And of course, there’s the amazing Reaper miniatures set that will be available starting later this month.

There will also be additional products beyond those! Monte Cook Games has moved into high gear and we will be producing a lot of products to support this game. Look for more adventures, supplements, and fiction coming very soon!


I’ve loved reading about people’s initial impressions of the game, and I’m very pleased that so many of you are so happy with and enthused about the product.

While I love hearing what people think about the game after paging through it or reading it, I’m always most interested in hearing about how your actual game sessions go. Feel free to post on the Numenera Facebook page or on Ninth World Hub with your post-game reports. I’d love to read them!

And, if you’re interested in running a demonstration game at your local game store or convention, send an email to Tammie at and we’ll help you promote it and provide you with some additional materials.

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