Numenera XP Deck

So beautiful you’ll hesitate to spend your XP!

In Numenera, exploration and risk are everything. Players earn experience points for making discoveries and facing unexpected challenges. You might rack up your XP between sessions, but most commonly you receive experience points during play, when events take an unexpected turn or you make a remarkable discovery. And XP are useful in both the short- and long-term: spend 1 XP to reroll for yourself (or a friend), for a player intrusion, or to negate a GM intrusion, or for other benefits to play. Or save them up for character advancement!

The Numenera XP Deck gives you a set of tangible tokens to represent experience points. They’re great for granting, tracking, and trading XP, and the card format makes your tokens easy to slip into your book alongside your character sheet between sessions. And they’re stunningly beautiful: Each of the 30 cards features a different piece of stunning artwork. And they’re double-sided, so it’s 60 images in all.

Grant, track, and trade XP while enjoying the beauty and inspiration of the Ninth World!

Numenera XP Deck
30-card deck; PDF
$7.99 (print); $2.99 (PDF)

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