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Ptolus GM Screen

Ptolus GM Screen

An entire city’s worth of handy info—at your fingertips!

The Ptolus GM Screen gathers loads of handy Ptolus-related info and puts it right where the GM needs it. Bring this amazing city to life with easy access to notable groups and characters, encounters, details of Delver’s Square, travel and provisioning options, and loads of other info that makes presenting the richness of Ptolus effortless for the GM. The reverse side features fantastic Ptolus artwork that pulls players into this vibrant, dynamic setting.

The four-panel Ptolus GM Screen is printed in landscape format on heavy game board, making it as sturdy and durable as it is beautiful. The information is system-neutral, making it equally useful to GMs of 5e and the Cypher System (and even to GMs using the third-edition version of Ptolus).

The PDF version provides pages sized to fit the World’s Greatest Screen from Hammerdog Games, or any landscape-format customizable GM screen. It includes 26 pages of alternate artwork—choose your favorite to display on the players’ side!

Ptolus GM Screen
By Monte Cook
4-panel GM Screen or PDF
$17.99 (hardcover); $2.99 (PDF)

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