Cults, Factions, and Syndicates

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Cult of the Sleeper. Arete. Order of Redemption. House of Virtue. What are they up to in your world?

No organization is wholly good or wholly evil; each has a goal that it believes to be worth pursuing. Sometimes it’s the intensity of that belief that creates trouble.

Cults, Factions, and Syndicates details four organizations easily incorporated into almost any Cypher System campaign, including Numenera and The Strange.

  • Cult of the Sleeper: The Sleeper abides. Unmoving, she sleeps. Waiting, her dreams are fossils. When she wakes, everything will change, and the faithful shall be exalted. Until then, the cult spreads its message from the caverns of the Night Vault.
  • Arete: The tinfoil-hat crowd believes in the Illuminati. Those who are really in the know believe that Arete’s public face hides world-spanning schemes.
  • Order of Redemption: Is there a greater threat to humanity’s future than artificial intelligence? The Redemption Knights seek to protect us from our own undoing—but do they have a deeper agenda?
  • House of Virtue: Health. Longevity. Intelligence. Happiness. Isn’t that what everyone wants? If you think you want to improve the world, what you actually want is to improve people.

Each organization’s philosophies, goals, structure, and benefits are covered, along with mottoes, NPCs, and other useful information. Are they allies? Threats? Employers? What role will these organizations play in your campaign?

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