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More Tales from the Ninth World (PDF)


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More Beauty, Wonder, and Weirdness of the Ninth World

Life after death, time travel, teleportation. The things that are impossible now—these are things that aren’t just possible in the Ninth World, but probable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a noble, a thief, a tinkerer, or a serial killer, when you come face to face with impossibilities becoming realities, you must make hard choices. In these stories, even the smartest, fiercest characters find themselves challenged when they go beyond the limits of the possible.

More Tales from the Ninth World is an anthology of three short stories set against the evocative world of Monte Cook’s Numenera roleplaying game. The Ninth World is filled with stories. Come explore it.

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Note: these three stories are also included in the collection, Beware the Impossible. If you already own that collection, you have all of the material in More Tales From the Ninth World.

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