Numenera Character Portfolios and Character Sheets

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A character sheet is a character sheet—right? Not if it’s the Numenera character sheet! Download a free PDF version (add it to your cart above), get print character sheets, or really do your character and campaign justice with the beautiful and very handy Numenera Character Portfolio!

Give Your Character a Little More Elbow Room with the Numenera Character Portfolio

A lot can happen in a campaign. The Numenera Character Portfolio is a character sheet and so much more. It records your character’s pools, abilities, skills, cyphers, and all your other stats and character info. At 24 pages, it also gives you room for notes, sketches, and details. Jot down thoughts about your character’s appearance and mannerisms. Take notes about the strange and wondrous locations, people, creatures, and objects you meet in your adventures. Keep a campaign journal, or make maps and sketches of places you’ve been.

The Numenera Character Portfolio is perfectly sized to give you plenty of space within, but without taking up too much space on the gaming table. It’s printed in full color on heavy matte paper that takes pencil and eraser easily. Even the cover is easy to write and draw on, making every player’s Character Portfolio unique from the outside in.

The print version comes in a pack of five—enough for the whole party. The PDF inculdes two versions: One optimized for printing out, and the other form-fillable for use on your computer or device. You get both versions with your PDF purchase.

Or Download and Print for Free

You can also download a free file that contains print-optimized and form-fillable PDFs of the Numenera character sheet in several beautiful versions:

  • The Numenera Discovery character sheet.
  • The Numenera Destiny character sheet.
  • The Into the Ninth World character sheet, inspired by the realms explored in Into the Night, Into the Deep, and Into the Outside.
  • The classic original Numenera character sheet.

To download the free character sheets, add them to your cart (above) and check out.

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