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Planar Bestiary

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Take your pick: Available for Cypher System and 5E!

Fill your game with out-of-this-dimension creatures!

This beautifully illustrated collection is filled with over 150 wonderful, terrible, and weird monsters of every level and challenge rating range to add extra-planar excitement to your Cypher System or 5E campaign. Whether you’re exploring the planes, or encountering these creatures closer to home, these monsters add an engaging and unexpected twist to your encounters.

Challenge your PCs with creatures like the abolisher of sorrow (it erases memories so pleasantly its victims don’t realize they’re dying), the galvanic scar (that springs from a wizard’s lightning bolt to inhabit living bodies), or a vicious dream sprite known as a morpheusian (seeped down from a hidden layer of the Astral Plane after acquiring a taste for the meat of the real).

The Planar Bestiary gives you:

  • 150 imaginative, unique creatures from across the planes and the 5E cosmology.
  • Encounters for characters of all tiers and levels.
  • Inspiring ideas and monsters you can introduce in conventional encounters, or while exploring the planes.
  • Lots of material to use with the popular Path of the Planebreaker sourcebook—but you don’t need that title to use these monsters!

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