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Rust and Redemption

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The world is in ruins. Now what?

Barren, crater-pocked wastelands roamed by biker gangs and giant scorpions. Crumbling cities that are lush, overgrown gardens by day—and haunts of the undead by night. Dark ruins patrolled by conquering aliens or mechanical minions of the AI overlord.

Whatever your apocalypse, Rust and Redemption is your tool for building it into a vivid, compelling Cypher System campaign. Explore the full breadth of the genre with a deep dive into the many ends our civilization might face (from zombies to climate collapse to supernatural invasion); the tropes and themes of the genre; and adventure ideas, set pieces, and creatures. Special rules cover scrounging for food and ammunition; kitbashing devices from scavenged technology; dealing with radiation, exposure, and mutagens; and other topics unique to this compelling genre.

Inside this book you’ll find:

  • A full exploration of the post-apocalyptic genre, examining the many possible whens, wheres, and hows your world ended; themes of survival, despair, and hope; practical campaign-building advice; and set pieces and plot ideas.
  • Loads of character options, including new character foci, descriptors, and abilities.
  • Special rules for scavenging, repairing, exposure, mutations, and more. Plus apocalyptic artifacts and cyphers—use a scavenger subtle cypher to find just the item you need to survive.
  • GM resources exploring the effects of nuclear winter, the dangers of radiation, and the shelf life of common goods.
  • Creatures such as the terrifying radioactive bear and the Horsemen of the
    Apocalypse. Plus radioactive craters, voracious nanobots, and loads of other end-of-the-world threats.
  • A complete campaign setting—the Radio Quiet Zone—plus multiple adventures and Cypher Shorts. Experience the apocalypse itself in “Safe Zone,” a perfect adventure for launching your campaign!

Rust and Redemption is a setting and supplement for the Cypher System. It requires the Cypher System Rulebook for play.

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