The Cawdor Complex

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Welcome to the Cretaceous

For almost a hundred years, since the Last Commute, the people of Grevakc have been trapped in the Cretaceous period. Now a man calling himself Rados, working in a forgotten compound built deep within a jungle volcano, claims to have solved the problem that brought time travel to an end. Both SATI and the Butterflies have caught wind of Rados’s boasts, and both factions are readying teams for action. Does the technology work? Does it even exist? And will SATI claim it for their own—or will the Butterflies destroy it first?

The Cawdor Complex is an adventure for the Predation setting for the Cypher System. It can be played as a part of a campaign or as a standalone adventure, and is particularly well-suited for convention play. You need both the Cypher System Rulebook and Predation to play this adventure.

Note: The total page count of 42 pages includes the 16-page adventure, plus six double-sided pre-generated characters, six double-sided companions, and two pages of handouts.

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