Salvage Deck

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Generate random salvage results—and GM intrusions—and save loads of time doing it!

Shins. Iotum. Oddities and artifacts. Parts. Everything you want from a salvage attempt—even GM intrusions—is now at your fingertips. Save time at the game table and in prep by skipping the salvage tables and simply drawing a card. The top portion gives you the salvage result, including not just iotum, shins, and parts, but also oddities and artifacts. The findings are appropriately weighted by rarity, so you get results similar to the salvage rules in Numenera Destiny.

The bottom portion of the card presents an interesting twist or event for use if a GM intrusion is triggered. Most of these intrusions are useful not just during salvage attempts, but any time the PCs are exploring the inscrutable ruins of the prior worlds—doubling the utility of this handy, time-saving supplement!

PDF purchasers: To print your Salvage Deck, set your double-sided printer to short-edge binding and print on a cardstock material. Then, with a sharp utility knife and straight edge, use the crop marks as guides to trim the cards apart. If you don’t have a double-sided printer, print the pages individually and then glue them back-to-back with a thin, even coat of adhesive. Before glueing, hold the back-to-back sheets up to a light source to ensure they are lining up correctly. The gutters between the cards give you a little bit of leeway if the two sides do not line up exactly.

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