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The Guiding Hand


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Running and organizing the immersive, complex narrative you envision—made easy!

Invisible Sun narratives, like the characters that inhabit them, tend to be complex, multi-layered, and a bit enigmatic. But fortunately they’re not hard to manage, thanks to The Guiding Hand, the Invisible Sun GM’s notebook. It gives you a great place to record character information, including desideratum, character arcs, background, house and neighborhood details, and so on. It also helps you plan upcoming sessions and keep important notes on events as they occur. And it’s loaded with prompts and ideas to roll into your narrative or inspire you when events take an unexpected turn.

It’s the essential GM’s tool for running great Invisible Sun narratives—easily!

The Guiding Hand is included in Invisible Sun, but this extra copy, identical to the one in the Black Cube, gives you more space for especially long narratives, or if you’re starting a second narrative.

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