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Introducing the Amazing MCG Asset Team!

Introducing the Amazing MCG Asset Team!

We here at Monte Cook Games love the friendly, welcoming, diverse community of players who enjoy our games, and we love building that community and welcoming new gamers into it. But we’re a small company, and we can only be in so many places at once. Fortunately, we have the MCG Asset Team on our side, helping us reach new players and introducing gamers to our newest products. The Asset Team is a network of hundreds of GMs all over the world who help build the community of MCG games by running demos and events at game stores, conventions, campus game clubs, libraries, and online—everywhere people gather to play games.

These GMs are great at giving players an awesome experience at the table. That’s not just because they love MCG’s games, but also because they love the joy they see when they introduce a new gamer to the Cypher System, or teach No Thank You, Evil! to a group of enthusiastic kids. They combine their fantastic GMing skills with a friendly attitude, a love of the growing MCG game community, and a keen understanding of what makes MCG’s games really shine. Their activity is a huge part of the growing popularity of MCG’s games.

Great GMs Running Great Games

Asset Team members don’t just run demos at stores. They also run full-length adventures and even organized play campaigns. They run games at local conventions, and online. They represent our games on sites like reddit and EN World, and through social media. They participate in special events. Many even run official MCG games at the major shows we attend, such as Gen Con, Gamehole Con, and UK Games Expo.

And they run all of MCG’s games—Cypher System and Numenera, of course, plus No Thank You, Evil!, The Devil’s Dandy Dogs, the Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game, Stealing Stories for the Devil, and future games. Not every Asset Team member runs every game—but many do!

A Rewarding Pasttime

It’s a rewarding activity, and not just because our games are a joy to run—or seeing the beautiful light of understanding in the eyes of a new convert! When Asset Team members run events or participate in other Asset Team activities, they accumulate “shins,” which can be converted to credit toward the purchase of MCG products. Plus they get exclusive adventures and other free resources, early access to special releases, and access to a special Asset Team store with limited-edition and exclusive items not available to anyone else. All that’s on top of the wonderful friendships and support they find on the Asset Team Discord and other community hubs, and in person at events like Gen Con.

Connecting Stores, Cons, and Gamers to the Asset Team

Stores and conventions can contact Asset Team members directly via the Asset Team Hub. Or they can reach out to MCG and we can help connect them to Asset Team members in their area. Asset Team members can also reach out to local retailers and conventions to schedule demos or events, and many regularly run games for new players online.

We’re Growing—Join Us?

Just like the community of MCG gamers, the Asset Team is always growing! If you love running our games and seeing the community of gamers grow, maybe it’s a good fit for you! You can find more details and apply to join here.

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