The Strange Character Sheets

The Strange Character Sheets

A character sheet is a character sheet–right?

Not if it’s The Strange character sheet!


The Strange character sheet is as unique and intriguing as the game itself. And it’s available as a free download—or in a really nice pad of printed sheets. Once you use those, you’ll never look at your old laserprinted character sheets the same way again!

The pad of double-sided character sheets is printed in full color on heavy matte paper that’s both pencil- and eraser-friendly. You get 20 character sheets—enough for an entire party and several campaigns—and 30 recursion sheets, each double-sided to be used twice. You also get a full-color two-page character generation walk-though—really handy to have at the table when the whole group is making characters!


You can download the character sheet for The Strange to print and use at home. The free downloadable file contains the character sheet, the recursion sheet, and a two-page character generation walkthrough. Download it for free and print as many copies as you need!


20-sheet pad + 30-sheet pad + double-sized walkthrough

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