The Strange Content for Hammerdog GM Screen

Functional on one side, beautiful on both!

The Strange GM Screen-Cover

The Strange is driven by narrative and imagination more than tables and charts–but when you do need to look something up, it’s great to have it at your fingertips. The Strange Content for Hammerdog GM Screen is incredibly functional and handy. And beautiful, on both sides!

We recommend The World’s Greatest Screen (landscape) from Hammerdog Games as the ultimate GM screen for The Strange. These durable, great-looking double-sided screens are made of vinyl, with four panels each on the player and GM side. You customize your screen by slipping your content into each panel, in any arrangement you like. And this is the perfect The Strange content for that screen!

OBS image

Here’s what you get:

  • Eight pages of glorious, full-page The Strange artwork. Pick whichever four you like for the exterior of your screen!
  • Four pages of helpful tables and information for the GM, for the interior of your screen.


PDF only
By Monte Cook and Matt Stawicki

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