And They’re Off!

What’s more fun than putting together 416 glorious pages of some of the coolest roleplaying game content ever? (512 if you count The Strange Player’s Guide.) Getting it back from the printer and into the hands of excited fans, that’s what! And it’s happening right now!

Backers of The Strange Kickstarter campaign: You should already have received an email from us with instructions on claiming your rewards. (Your initial rewards, if you backed at a level that gets you the later titles in the line—more on that below.) If you haven’t logged into the MCG store and placed your order, now’s the time. Many of our backers have already done so, and many have already received their copy of the game!

(If you didn’t receive your emails, do the following: First, check your spam filter. Second, make sure you’re receiving email at the same address you used when you backed the Kickstarter campaign. And if those steps don’t solve it, contact Tammie at [email protected])

A Quick Note on The Strange Player’s Kit: If you backed for this item, you’ll receive the bulk of the Kit through the normal fulfillment process. Your T-shirt will be sent to you separately straight from the printer. Look for it in the next few weeks.

Brick-and-Mortar Pre-Order Program: Do you have any gaming buddies who missed the Kickstarter but want to make sure they get a copy of The Strange as soon as possible? We have a cool program only available through brick-and-mortar game stores. Make a paid pre-order for The Strange or The Strange Player’s Guide, then send us a photo or scan of the itemized receipt. We’ll send a PDF of the book to go with the physical copy—that’s both versions for the price of print alone. But don’t dawdle; the program ends on Friday. You can find all the details here—tell your friends!

The Dark Spiral: Our work on The Strange didn’t end when the corebook went off to press. We’ve also been hard at work on the next few titles in the line, the first of which is The Dark Spiral. Look for this 96-page, multi-part adventure in September. Here’s a bit of art to tide you over until then!


Headed for Gen Con? Come see us at booth 1653. That’s all the way at the back of the hall, facing the back wall. It’s a pretty lousy location, so you’d be doing us a solid if you helped spread the word!

Our official game events for The Strange and Numenera are already sold out, but if you can’t get in, you have a couple of options. Your first choice is to buy some generic tickets and show up anyway—last year, our sold-out Numenera events sometimes had a no-show or two. A more reliable choice is to run a game of your own! Schedule an event at, then drop us a line at [email protected] We’ll help you promote the event, and might even be able to support you with a few goodies!

We’re also holding seminars for both Numenera and The Strange, with some cool things to give to attendees at both events. Gamers who participated in our Numeneraseminar last year were glad they did!

The Strange. Explore. Defend. Create.

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