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Announcing the Cypher Stream Creator Fund

Announcing the Cypher Stream Creator Fund

Monte Cook Games is excited to announce the Cypher Stream Creator Fund: a new program of financial support for small or new streaming programs that support MCG’s games and brands.

Small or new streams often struggle to gain an audience, or even to get off the ground, because they don’t have the resources to solve technical problems, pay participants, or market their shows. The Cypher Stream Creator Fund offers grants to newer or smaller streamers to help them overcome these obstacles. If you’re a fan of gaming streams, this fund will help bring more great MCG-related streams to life. And if you’re a streamer—or would like to be—it can help you elevate your game!

Aimed at new or smaller streams, the Cypher Stream Creator Fund offers a $500 grant, plus promotional assistance from MCG, to selected creators. The requirements, in overview, are:

  • MCG-related content. Obviously, we’re looking for streams of MCG games or properties. We might give preference to streams related to currently available and supported game lines, but that’s not a requirement.
  • Novel and original content. We aren’t looking for product reviews, streams of convention panels or similar events, or overt self-promotion. Maturity level should top out at PG-13 or so. Beyond those restrictions, we’re open to your creativity—and the more interesting your content will be to the community, the more likely it will be selected!
  • Timely launch. Your stream must launch between January and May 2025. You must stream via The Anywhere Door (MCG’s realm on the forthcoming Moonbeam platform), but may also stream to other platforms simultaneously.

How To Get Involved

Applications for the Cypher Stream Creator Fund will open in August and run through the month of September. MCG will choose a number of pitches from among the submitted applications, and those streamers will receive grant funds to spend however they see fit in the production of their programs. Selected applicants will receive:

  • A $500 grant for their project
  • Social media support from MCG for the launch of their project
  • Additional prize support for audience giveaways
  • Approved streamer status on The Anywhere Door, MCG’s Moonbeam realm

If you have a great idea for a fun or interesting MCG-related stream, the Cypher Stream Creator Fund may be a great way to get it going! Look for complete details when applications open in August.

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