Announcing the Invisible Sun RPG

Announcing the Invisible Sun RPG

Do you dream of escape, but don’t know from what, or to where? Looking for a chance to escape the insanity of the world, and immerse yourself into something rich, deep, and fantastical? Something that challenges the limits of your creativity as well as your intellect?

If so, then join us. Escape the Shadow of the real world and find the Invisible Sun. Enter a new Actuality of surreal fantasy where mystical characters wield fabulous powers and struggle to discover the secrets of true existence

Invisible Sun is the new roleplaying game by Monte Cook. Its focus is in deep immersion storytelling. Its mechanics and gameplay are tailored around overcoming the barriers to that immersion. Magic is not mechanical, but truly magical. Character creation and development is based around story arcs. And we’ve gone further than that. Because we know the challenges gamers face in the modern world, with conflicting schedules and sometimes distant players, Invisible Sun does something different. It embraces traditional tabletop play, but enhances it with away-from-the-table activities, rules to deal with absent players, solo play, online play, and more. All the barriers are down. All doors are open.

Invisible Sun is adult. It’s imaginative. It’s intricate. It’s a challenging game, not because it’s difficult to play (it isn’t) but because it’s deep. It’s not for everyone, but for those of you who want something deep, lush, and intelligent, it’s what you’ve always been waiting for.

It’s a sophisticated approach to roleplaying for people with busy lives but who still thrill at the idea of really immersing themselves into another world whenever they get a free moment. It’s not for everyone, but for those of you who do want something deep, lush, and intelligent, it’s what you’ve always been waiting for. The Kickstarter, which launches August 15th, even offers a backer level with something called the Directed Campaign, where Monte himself feeds you ideas, handouts, art, maps, and direction on a monthly basis once your campaign starts.

Invisible Sun is a roleplaying game that extends play beyond the table to accommodate the busy schedule of your life. Play at home with your friends, play online, play one-on-one with the GM at the coffee shop. Become engrossed in compelling stories, with characters as complex and interesting as any in fiction.



Invisible Sun is deep. It’s smart. Just like you.

Invisible Sun will change the way you play roleplaying games.

Kickstarter August 15th will update each day between now and August 15 with in-character audio quotes


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