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Happy Valentine’s Day from MCG

Happy Valentine’s Day from MCG

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day from Monte Cook Games! Unfortunately, we can’t send each of you candy hearts or flowers. For those of you going on a date in the near future, here are some GM intrusions worth spending 1 XP to avoid! (And check the end of this list for some MCG-themed Valentine’s Day cards!)

  • The ex of you or your date shows up at the same location with their date.
  • Someone gets food poisoning.
  • Your date pickpockets one of your cyphers.
  • The restaurant you chose is incompatible with your date’s eating habits (you chose a steakhouse, and your date is a vegetarian, etc.).
  • You and your date are ethically, philosophically, or politically incompatible on an important topic.
  • Your rival for your date’s attention shows up with flowers and attempts to ruin your evening.
  • A nearby couple is having a loud, angry argument.
  • The restaurant has a kitchen fire.
  • Your date brings their parent—and they aren’t human!
  • Your date is allergic to the flowers or candy you brought, or the perfume or cologne you’re wearing.
  • Your date spends the whole time texting someone else.
  • Your date spends the whole time talking about their ex.
  • You forgot your money, and so did they.
  • Your date’s proximity activates one of your cyphers or artifacts.
  • Your date wrote you a song. It’s a bad song. And they insist on singing it.
  • You keep getting your date’s name wrong.
  • Your date has a spouse, curse, or nanoparasites.
  • You and your date had a relationship with the same person.
  • You used to go out with your date’s roommate, sibling, or parent.
  • Your date is perfect… too perfect.
  • Your date has no sense of humor.
  • Your date is getting sloppy-drunk.
  • Your date is a shapeshifter from a hostile land, recursion, planet, or dimension.
  • Your date is only here for the food and tells you so.
  • Your date gets up to use the restroom and never comes back.
  • Local authorities attempt to arrest your date.

Hopefully, your Valentine’s Day will be completely free of complications like these!

Is there a special gamer that you’re dreaming of? Let them know! Why not give them an MCG-themed Valentine’s Day card?

Maybe they think you’re seskii, too! Download the printable PDF here!

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