Inside the Infamous Black Cube

The Black Cube is the heart of Invisible Sun. It’s not a book; it’s a deluxe box filled with components designed specifically for the game.

This is not the first time we’ve created a deluxe box. Recall the Exclusive Numenera Boxed Set Edition. The Reliquary version of the boxed set developed into a cornucopia of wonder, literally jam-packed with softcover books, character sheets, poster maps (one of them cloth), pregenerated characters, dice, cards, new fiction, and more. Even the box itself was cool, with a magnetic wraparound lid. Numenera players enthusiastically embraced the value of all that great game material.

With Invisible Sun, we want to build on our experience creating the Numenera boxed set, and then exceed it.

The infamous Black Cube—including all its artfully crafted components—is designed to create a specific and somewhat surreal RPG experience. That experience integrates the sensation of folding open the black box, paging through the books of lore (rule and setting books), drawing cards from the Sooth Deck and playing them on Path of Suns board or placing them in the palm of the sinister Testament of Suns sculpture, all while playing a surrealistic fantasy roleplaying game where magic is the one true constant. Handling the box and its many contents and using them during game play is the experience we are creating.

The Black Cube also contains a sun medallion tied to one sun along the path, a grimoire pad for players to record spells, a cloth map of the City of Satyrine in the Actuality, a sealed envelope containing cryptic knowledge of the setting, tokens for player rewards, artifact cards, ephemera cards, spell cards, and more.

Above and beyond all that, the Black Cube contains secrets. Secrets that are not obvious at first glance, but that become apparent for Seekers who look carefully.  Clues and codes are hidden throughout, in the text, the art, and all the components. Are you a Seeker? Do you value this sort of all-inclusive gaming experience that goes beyond mere knowledge of the game rules? If so, Invisible Sun is for you.

Black Cube Contents
Black Cube Contents

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