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June: Origins Game Fair

June: Origins Game Fair

We’re going to the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH, from June 12–16, 2019! Come join us by playing and running games, and meeting us in the booth. It’s going to be an exciting summer for MCG fans, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you.

We’ll have more details as events get scheduled, but right now we’re recruiting for GMs:

Come be a GM with us at Origins!

  • You let us know you’re interested through this survey (it also surveys your interest in running Gen Con events). You tell us which games you’re most interested in, and whether you’re looking to get a badge reimbursed by running at least 12 hours of 4-hour game sessions and/or short demos at the MCG booth.
  • Our events aren’t scheduled with Origins just yet, but we’ll soon have the official schedule of all our games, and we’ll ask you to choose your specific slots.
  • We provide you with the official adventure (or adventures, if you’re running for more than one game system). You’ll get it in PDF format a few weeks ahead of the convention. At the show you’ll get a print copy of it, along with pre-generated characters and other handouts you need.
  • At the convention, we’ll meet with you to deliver your goodies and have a chance to meet the MCG staff and the other GMs.
  • You run your games, meet new gamers, and have a great time!
Asset Team member Dani running Numenera at Gen Con. Lucky players!

So, what do you get for taking part? What are these goodies of which we speak?

  • If you run at least one official game session with us, you’ll get: Print copies of the adventures, our thanks, the thanks of your players, and a sense of a job well done!
  • If you run at least two official game sessions with us, we’ll add: A GM goodie bag, full of cool and useful stuff for GMs.
  • If you run at least three official game sessions with us (12 hours of 4-hour demos), we’ll add: A GM badge! That’s right, your convention badge is free! You’ll still want to get a regular attendee badge to arrange hotels and sign up for events, but we’ll work with you to convert and reimburse the cost!
  • If you run more than three events, THANK YOU! Consider becoming a member of the Asset Team and earn shins for those events! Shins can be used for MCG product and other goodies.

We ask that all GMs be:

  • 18 years of age or older (with rare exceptions).
  • Friendly, kind, patient, trustworthy, helpful, outgoing, organized, well-groomed, and punctual.
  • Able to interact with many different personality types in a calm, friendly manner.
  • Committed to the games you sign up for.

Join our band of wonderful GMs! Let us know your interest in running official Origins or Gen Con game sessions now.

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