MCG and the Holidays

MCG and the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!*

The holidays are almost upon us, and we here at MCG are really looking forward to spending time with our families, celebrating the accomplishments of 2015, and just kicking back a bit. We’re a small company, and we traditionally go to light duty in the period spanning Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day. So throughout that period (this year it’s December 24 through January 3, given the way the weekends fall), our desks will be empty, our lights turned off, and our computers shut down as we all enjoy the holidays. How does this affect you?

The MCG Store (Or, How Long Can I Order Stuff for Christmas?)

The MCG store is open 24/7, of course, but our shipping department isn’t. And we don’t control the shipping lanes, so it’s not possible to guarantee delivery by a particular date. If you’d like to order something to arrive in time for Christmas, however, here are some guidelines for best results:

  • Domestic (US) orders with basic shipping (our free option): Order no later than December 16.
  • Domestic (US) orders with priority shipping: Order no later than December 21.
  • Overseas orders with basic shipping: Shipping times vary with destination, and we can’t guarantee any particular delivery date. If you want to use this option, order ASAP and cross your fingers!
  • Overseas orders with expedited shipping: Order absolutely no later than December 19.

Ordering during the holiday period (December 24 through January 3)? We will be shipping during that period, but not every day, and we won’t be sticking to our usual ship-within-48-hours policy. If you place an order during that period, it may well ship within a day or so, but we aren’t willing to guarantee it. Understand that it might not ship before January 4.

MCG Customer Service

We won’t be at our desks during the period of December 24 through January 3, so if you reach out to us you probably won’t receive a response before January 4. And please be patient; when we return it may take us a few days to catch up on things. If you have a customer service issue, please reach us via the Contact Us page. Your message won’t go down a black hole and we’ll respond to each and every one, but it may take a few days or so to get back on track.

We’re really looking forward to the holidays, and hope you are too. Best wishes to you and your loved ones in this joyous season!

*(Ding, dong! Ding, dong!)

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