MCG Welcomes Sean Reynolds

Sean K. Reynolds Joins Monte Cook Games as Community Relations Coordinator

Monte Cook Games, LLC, the comSean 900pxpany behind the popular and award-winning tabletop roleplaying games Numenera, No Thank You, Evil!, the Cypher System, and The Strange, is very pleased to announce that game industry veteran Sean K. Reynolds is joining the MCG team as Community Relations Coordinator as of May 2, 2016.

Reynolds brings considerable game industry experience to this new position at MCG, from a career that includes writing, designing, and developing RPGs as well as web mastery and fan relation roles stretching back to TSR’s first forays into online community management.

In the Community Relations Coordinator role, Reynolds will grow and support MCG’s multiple, overlapping communities, including retailers as well as gamers congregating and interacting in online communities, through organized play, at conventions, and at their local retail stores.

“All of us here at MCG are really psyched to have Sean on board, and about adding this new role to our small team,” said MCG COO Charles Ryan. “I think we’ve always been pretty good at interacting with and supporting our wonderful community of fans, but we’ve seen so much growth over the past couple of years that the task now warrants full-time attention. We’re also pretty stoked at the chance to give our retailers a bit more love and support, too. Between this move, rolling out our Organized Play program this year, and other retail-focused initiatives, we’re really going to be helping retailers grow their own communities for our games and the RPG category in general.”

“I’m incredibly excited to join the MCG team,” added Sean Reynolds. “I have good friends here at MCG, I love what they do, and I love their commitment to inclusiveness and promoting gaming in general. I really love the community they’ve built so far, and I’m excited for the chance to take it to new heights.”

In addition to his community management experience, Reynolds is also well known as a writer and designer. His publication credits include roughly 200 titles for numerous RPGs including Pathfinder, three editions of Dungeons & Dragons, and Numenera.

This addition, following the hiring of Dennis Detwiller as Managing Editor earlier this year, continues to solidify to the MCG staff as a gaming dream team, and further cements the company’s position as a rising star in the world of tabletop games.

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