More Content Coming for the Cypher System Open License

More Content Coming for the Cypher System Open License

The Cypher System Open License (CS OL) launched last summer, giving publishers and creators the thumbs-up to produce adventures, supplements, and entire games based on the Cypher System—and providing extensive rules text that can be used or modified in the form of the Cypher System Reference Document (CSRD). As we mentioned in the license FAQ, it’s been our intent to add additional content to the CSRD, including rules from our many excellent Cypher System supplements.

Monte Cook Games will begin a series of upgrades to the CSRD in the days to come. We’ll start with a suite of additional rules, character options, cyphers, and creatures focused on fantasy games (the bulk of the content from Godforsaken). This will be followed, over the course of the next couple of months, with additional detailed content for science-fiction, horror, superheroes, and more.

With the surge in interest in open game licenses lately, it seems like a great time to announce that this content is on the way!

The Cypher System Reference Document already provides everything you need to create great games and supplements for virtually any genre. With these expansions to the CSRD, creators and publishers will have access to even more of Monte Cook Games’s official mechanics that delve even deeper into a variety of popular genres.

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