Our Big Announcement! Into the Ninth World Kickstarter!

Today at our panel at GenCon we gave people a sneak peek at the work in progress of Numenera Strand, the short film produced by Valdes/Eriksdotter. We showed off a lot of new art, answered a lot of questions, but perhaps most exciting of all, announced that we are going to be launching a new line of Numenera products, which we call Into the Ninth World.

The first product in this line will be a sourcebook called Into the Night, to be followed up next year with Into the Deep and Into the Outside. Into the Night explores the vast reaches of space beyond the Ninth World, Into the Deep details regions beneath the sea, and Into the Outside peers into ultraterrestrial and interdimensional realms beyond our universe.

Into the Night-Cover-2015-06-30 copy

But these products are just the beginning. We will be launching Into the Ninth World as a Kickstarter campaign on August 5th. Depending on where that goes, we will be expanding and adding to this line with all sorts of cool expansions. Look here at that time for a link to the Kickstarter, and help us explore the weird and wonderful Ninth World even further.

Venture farther. Explore deeper. Go beyond.

Shanna Germain
Shanna Germain

Over a 20-year career, Shanna Germain has penned six books, hundreds of short stories, and myriad other works, along the way garnering a Pushcart nomination, the C. Hamilton Bailey Poetry Fellowship, and the Utne Reader award for Best New Publication. At Monte Cook Games she has contributed to dozens of products and was lead designer for No Thank You, Evil!. She is a cofounder of the company, and our Creative Director.