Numenera Boxed Set at Gen Con!

After seeing all the posts and photos on social media, if you’re one of the people wishing you’d got in on the Reliquary box from our Exclusive Numenera Boxed Set Edition Kickstarter last December, we have some news you might be interested in.

Box Mark Bruce
Photo by backer Mark Bruce

After shipping the boxed set to backers and holding some back (just in case), we have a small number of Reliquaries left over that we’re going to ship to GenCon. These boxes are huge, and take up a lot of room in our booth, so what we’ll likely end up doing is having a stack brought in each day and selling through that. We should have some Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for sure. However, it’s very likely that we’ll run through each day’s stack early, so if you’re interested, getting to our booth (Booth #1737) as soon as the doors open might be wise.

Photo by backer DH Sayers
Photo by backer DH Sayers

We’ll be offering these Reliquary boxed sets for $200. This is an incredible price for 9 and a half pounds (literally!) of content in this beautiful deluxe box, which is a keepsake it its own right. And if you check out the MCG Facebook page, you can find a $10 coupon you can apply to the boxed set! (Our Kickstarter backers who supported this product got an even better deal on it, but the logistic of bringing this very large, heavy item to Gen Con preclude offering it at that price.)

Photo by backer Neal Kaplan
Photo by backer Neal Kaplan

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a list of all the box’s contents:

All the Numenera corebook content, divided into four exclusive books (three of which have stunning new cover art by the awesoem Keiran Yanner):

  • Player’s Book
  • Setting Book
  • GM Book (with a new appendix by Monte, plus the content of the Injecting the WeirdGM IntrusionsSex & Love in the Ninth World, and In Strange Aeons glimmers)
  • Adventure Book (with the added adventures Vortex and Into the Violet Vale)

Plus an incredible load of additional content:

  • Large, beautiful Numenera playmat
  • 2 Double-sided poster maps, featuring the Steadfast and the Beyond, the Ninth World supercontinent, Qi, and the creature size comparison from the Ninth World Bestiary
  • 2 character creation handouts
  • Pad of 25 character sheets
  • A signed and numbered art print autographed by Monte Cook and Shanna Germain
  • 6 Illustrated pregenerated characters
  • $10 MCG store gift card
  • Poster-sized cloth map not available anywhere else
  • XP Deck
  • 100-card Weird Deck
  • 100-card GM Intrusion Deck
  • Exclusive Numenera dice—an awesome new design not available anywhere else
  • Numenera dice bag not available anywhere else
  • Set of 32 maps, each printed in a tagged and untagged version
  • Beautiful Art of Numenera book (which also doubles as a handy “show ‘em” reference) not available anywhere else
  • Paperback fiction anthology that includes two stories not yet published anywhere else
  • Rules cheat sheet
  • Numenera spiral notebook
  • Numenera mechanical pencil

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff (as the photos in this post attest)! And in case you’re wondering how big the box set is measured in units of babies, here’s one more photo for you!

Box Dan Rogart
Photo by backer Drogart

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