Planebreaker Dice

Planebreaker Dice

Beautiful dice made just for your planar explorations—and a handsome dice tray to roll them in!

This Planebreaker dice set includes seven custom dice: a d4, d6, d8, d12, d20, and percentile dice. They have a lovely purple and indigo translucency, flecked with specks of gold. They practically glow in your hand, and the Planebreaker glyph on the highest result of the d20 and d6 makes them strikingly distinctive. The d20 bears subtle markings for special Cypher System results on rolls of 17, 18, and 19.

These premium Planebreaker dice, created by the masters at Metallic Dice Games, are astonishingly beautiful, large, hard-edged resin dice. They’re weighty in the hand and roll wonderfully. They seem to flicker and glow with tones of sea-green and blue, with subtle hints of red. They may well be the most beautiful dice you’ve ever owned! The d20 bears subtle marks for special Cypher System results on rolls of 17, 18, and 19, with the Planebreaker glyph on the 20.

This custom Planebreaker dice tray folds flat for storage or travel—slip it in easily among your game books. When it’s time to play, it snaps easily into shape! It features a vegan leather exterior and luxurious felted interior, marked with the Planebreaker design

This dice tray is offered on its own or in a bundle with the premium dice—save $10!

Planebreaker Dice
Planebreaker Premium Pyre Dice
Planebreaker Dice Tray
By Metallic Dice Games
7-die polyhedral sets; dice tray
$19.99 (dice); $69.99 (premium pyre dice); $19.99 (dice tray)

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