Ptolus NPC Deck

Scores of personalities from every corner of Ptolus—at your fingertips!

Ptolus is a vast city, peopled with an amazing variety of dynamic characters. Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire brings scores of them to life, complete with personality, quirks, relationships, and illustrations, as well as game stats. The 100-card Ptolus NPC Deck pulls these characters out of the book and into your game easily and conveniently!

On one side, each card gives you quick access to an NPC’s name, title and role, allies and opponents, characteristics, and other relevant information—plus the character’s page reference so you can look up further information and stats in the book. It’s everything the GM needs to give life to the character at the game table. And on the reverse: an illustration of the character to show the players.

The Ptolus NPC Deck is system-neutral, so it’s equally handy for both 5e and Ptolus GMs (or even GMs using the older, third-edition version of the book!).

Ptolus NPC Deck
By Bruce R. Cordell
100-card deck or PDF
$19.99 (deck); $7.99 (PDF)

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