Seventeen Invisible Sun Stories

I typically avoid the term “adventures” with Invisible Sun, because the stories told in this game are often not the stand-alone quests we think of when we hear that term. So I use “stories” instead. Stories, as a concept, are easily woven together into a narrative, with one starting while another is continuing, or two occurring at almost the same time, for example.

Here, then, are seventeen example stories your Invisible Sun narrative might include. This is just the beginning, of course—in a world like Invisible Sun, there’s so much potential that you’ll never be able to plumb its depths completely.

(You can download this document as a PDF here.)

  1. Uncover the secret behind why members of the Church of Midnight seem to all be visiting a particular spot in the Nightside of the Grey, returning with weapons that reportedly create wounds that howl and scream.
  2. Discover that an aristocrat in Satyrine has been stealing funds from his family to pay debts from gambling on the conjurefights and decide whether or not to reveal his crimes. Of course, he’s willing to pay you to help him with his greater scheme of fixing the fights.
  3. Stop a ruthless vislae plotting to poison a high ranking Vance so that she can advance her own position, but do so without confronting or alerting either plotter nor potential victim, as you need them both as contacts in the order for your own eventual advancement.
  4. To get in the good graces of a prominent vislae, search for his missing daughter, thought to have run off with her lover into the Blue, and if you find her, convince her to return.
  5. Find and eliminate a hate cyst in the Ruined Expanses of Satyrine, while avoiding the warbeast composed of thousands of animate, intelligent knives.
  6. Face off against a divergent modality of yourself, who has deviated from your own norm so greatly that they want to murder everyone you love.
  7. Search through the halfworlds to find a journal that purports to contain the secret name of a six-headed demon known only as the Council, so that you can bind him in a magical prison.
  8. Sail the Pallid Sea in the Pale to find the wraiths of the only three vislae to have mastered a spell called Merge with the Black Cube, all the while dodging the patrols of Empress Xjallad sailing their infamous “watchboats” made from the eyelids of the dead.
  9. Confront the King of Nine, who has rechanneled one of the currents of magic for his own use and redirected its core to his fortress, hidden within a candleflame in a remote monastery under the Silver Sun.
  10. Find the thief who’s been breaking into the houses of you and your friends while you slept, stealing your dreams. And then discover what she’s been doing with them.
  11. Follow the Sibilant Knight as she hunts for the stolen soul of her grandfather, as she does every year. While she never succeeds on her quest, she invariably stirs things up in the realms of the elderbrin, who will pay in secrets and spells to get help in repairing all the magical wards and seals she breaks, and all the trapped spirits she accidentally frees.
  12. Journey to the Silt Fortress to entreat with the Vilified Sorcerers to make a pact allowing you to bypass their wards and visit the Shores of Ettruma, even though they will almost certainly require you to provide them, in return, with seven virgin spells that have never been cast.
  13. As you watch for patterns in the flights of singing moths in the Palindrome District of Satyrine to foretell the future, discover the fact that demons are possessing the moths in order to alter their movements and shape the future, or at least people’s perception of it.
  14. Journey to unstable, uncharted caverns in the Red to find the rare Sacris Bloom, fabled for its ability to restore life to the unloving, and—perhaps even more importantly—learn how and why it grows there despite all reason.
  15. Find Redg, a man who claims to know how to make a house utterly ghost-proof in order to rid the spirits haunting your home once and for all.
  16. Destroy the Murder Kiln, where a rival vislae works even now to forge your doom.
  17. Harvest pride from the Garden of Ueranemos, who cultivates sins. Use the pride to power a ritual that will allow you to teach a blade how to be sharper than any other in existence.

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