Kids stuck at home? Can’t get together with your gaming group?

In recognition of the Covid-19 crisis, No Thank You, Evil! and the Numenera Starter Set are 50% off. And you can download the entire chapter on Playing Games Online from Your Best Game Ever—it’s now included in the free preview for that title.

No Thank You, Evil! Dice

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Easy for small hands, easy to read—and easy to find!

No Thank You, Evil! dice are a bit larger than standard dice, and have large numerals that kids find easier to read than pips. They also have the special No Thank You, Evil! symbol on the “6” face, so you always know when you’ve rolled a wild success! The game comes with five (one per player, in different colors, so there’s no squabbling over which is whose). This set gives you five more. But you won’t need them—kids never lose anything, right?

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