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Strange Deck

Strange Deck

Add a bit more strange to The Strange—or any game!

The Strange is filled with limited worlds seeded by fiction. Generating new stories, encounters, and ways to make an encounter strange is fun but can be a challenge. The Strange Deck helps with that: Just draw a card whenever you feel like it—whether it’s while you’re preparing for your next session or right in the middle of one. There are three ideas on each of the 100 cards in this deck: a simple basis for a strange element, a more developed concept that builds on that basis, and a full-blown idea, complete and detailed. Build hundreds of encounters, adventures, or entire recursions—or simply call upon these colorful ideas to easily prompt strange flavors for your own creations.

Strange Deck
By Bruce R. Cordell
100-card deck or PDF
$19.99 (print); $7.99 (PDF)

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