Valentine’s Day Cyphers

Next week is Valentine’s Day, a time for showing love to the people in your life, especially romantic partners. In the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s Day, here are some Cypher System cyphers that would be very useful on a busy day filled with friendship, love, affection, dates, flowers, chocolates, and promises you don’t intend to keep…

Dancing Rose

Level: 1d6
Wearable: Thornless rose
Effect: For 10 minutes per cypher level, the difficulty of dance tasks for the user and their dance partner are reduced by one step. If the user is dancing the tango, the difficulty of dance tasks is reduced by two steps.

Loving Remembrance

The Smoke Helm artifact from Love and Sex in the Ninth World.

Level: 1d6
Usable: Scented candle, small picture frame, lock of hair tied in a ribbon
Wearable: Locket
Effect: For the next 24 hours, the wearer’s memories of people in their life who love them are strengthened. These feelings might be from friends, pets, lovers, or even people who have died. The difficulty of emotional manipulation or mind control effects against the user is reduced by two (three if the cypher is level 5 or higher).

Privacy Ward

Level: 1d6
Usable: Ribbon, chain, or calf-high sock decorated with hearts
Effect: When hung from a doorknob, the cypher protects a room for 8 hours. Attempts to contact, bother, or interrupt anyone in that room fail unless the person or creature attempting it succeeds at an Intellect task with a difficulty equal to the cypher level. Attempts to notify people in the room of an emergency (such as a fire in the building or a child being injured) ignore the effect of the cypher.

Romantic Bath Bomb

Level: 1d6
Usable: A pink heart-shaped bath bomb
Effect: When immersed in water (up to the volume of a large bathtub), this creates soothing aromatic suds with heart-shaped bubbles. Anyone who soaks in the suds and water for 1 hour feels relaxed, admired, and appreciated. They add the cypher level to the points they regain from their next one-hour or ten-hour recovery roll.

Rose Petal Sprayer

Level: 1d6
Internal: Breath mint
Usable: Clay tube carved with flowers
Wearable: Copper bracelet
Effect: With a dramatic gesture, the user can create a burst of rose petals up to a short distance away that covers an area 10 feet (3 m) square. The rose petals crumble into dust after 8 hours.

Solo Calorie Saver

Level: 1d6
Internal: Pill
Usable: Ornate spoon
Effect: For one hour per cypher level, all calories from ice cream that the user consumes are negated. This also negates adverse effects from eating too much sugar or fat. In effect, it makes the ice cream a delicious non-nutritional substance for the user. Time spent eating ice cream while binge-watching a TV show doesn’t count toward the cypher’s duration, up to an additional hour per cypher level.

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