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Whether you’re exploring a setting for the first time or seeking fresh inspiration for an existing campaign, story hooks and rumors can be great jumping-off points for your adventure.

Within our books,  you’ll often find such material in special text boxes, such as “Reading the Bones” in Predation or “Hearsay” and “Weird of…” in Numenera.

On Twitter, we have several places where you can find more bite-sized inspiration:


Every Wednesday, this Twitter account gives you a new, weird nugget of Ninth World news. Scroll through its long backlog to pepper in evocative details along your players’ journey, or delve deeper into the mystery of a tweet and build an adventure around it!


Every Monday, @TheStrangeRPG delivers a new mission for agents of the Estate, a shadowy organization that works to protect Earth from the dangers of the alien data network, the Strange. Players may work for the Estate, may be racing Estate agents for the same goal, or perhaps the Estate begrudgingly needs their help!

Fans came up with a lot of great #EstateMissions during a contest earlier this year; take a look through all the contest entries.


Most mysterious of the three, this Twitter account divulges hearsay, wisdom, and perhaps secrets of Invisible Sun and the nature of the Actuality. Not all of its messages are immediately comprehensible, and neither are all the messages what they seem. Keep a watchful eye on this source as the Black Cube is called closer…

Fan Creations

Two fan-created sources for great inspiration are Marc Plourde’s Story Seeds (for Numenera, Gods of the Fall, and more) and Vaux the Jack’s podcast the Signal, which contains rumors and story hooks from across the Ninth World.

What sources of inspiration do you enjoy? Tweet your inspirations to @MonteCookGames, post on our Facebook page, or tag us on Google+!

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