Announcing Liminal Shores

Explore a vast new realm. Uncover never-before-revealed secrets of how the ancients shaped the Ninth World. Face the legacy of those secrets—and, possibly, the utter destruction of the Ninth World.

The Numenera: Liminal Shores Kickstarter seeks to fund three thematically linked, hardcover sourcebooks containing all new material for the award-winning phenomenon of the Numenera tabletop RPG.

Explore the Liminal Shores

Over a billion years into our Earth’s future, great civilizations have risen and fallen, each attaining wonders beyond our wildest dreams and furthest imaginings. The remnants of these civilizations shaped the Ninth World into a beautiful but weird place of both wonder and danger.

You have explored ruins of the ancient past and found the magic there called the numenera. You have wandered the Steadfast and the Beyond, to discover cities and peoples you never knew existed. You have dived the ocean deeps and found that there, too, lie wonders of the past. You perhaps have even followed in the footsteps of the prior worlds and voyaged to the stars, or beyond, to other universes.

But the Ninth World still has more unexplored spaces. One of them surrounds the entirety of this future Earth. It’s a network of ancient information, sustained by machines circling the world far overhead. And it’s much more than that: it is knowledge and secrets, but it’s also a sort of place. A conceptual space. The datasphere.

The people of the Ninth World rarely receive but glimmers of the datasphere. But recently access points, called vertices, have been discovered. Those who find them can explore this metaphysical space and plumb the depths of its mysteries. They can learn of discoveries in the real world—whole new lands to explore. And even unlock mysteries of the prior worlds—grand actions of aeons ago, affecting the Earth, the Sun, and the other planets. Actions that have an impact—perhaps a massive impact—on the Ninth World today.

Numenera is a game about exploration and discovery. The three hardcover books featured in this Kickstarter campaign offer new methods of exploration, and incredible discoveries to be made. They will take your campaign to new heights while embracing the game’s core focus.

Voices of the Datasphere

No other aspect of the Ninth World evokes as much wonder—and generates as many questions from Numenera players—as the datasphere. This hardcover sourcebook delves into the datasphere of the Ninth World. Its mysteries are yours to command!

Voices of the Datasphere opens up a whole new aspect of game play, as characters explore the reaches of the datasphere. This strange new metaspace is not just an ancient alien data network, but in fact multiple such networks—some damaged, incomplete, or aged or evolved past their original purpose—created by different civilizations and interacting in unexpected ways. The datasphere offers knowledge to be learned, treasures to be discovered, and wholly new challenges to overcome.

Liminal Shore

This hardcover Numenera sourcebook offers a new land in the Ninth World, discovered only through clues found in the datasphere. What new people live there? What wonders do they command? What secrets can they reveal about the mysterious prior worlds? Do they have cyphers and artifacts never before seen by anyone from the Steadfast or the Beyond? Liminal Shore will offer answers to all these questions, plus new creatures, new NPCs, and new adventures for your Numenera campaign. Be the first to explore a whole new land!

Edge of the Sun

Our sun’s luminosity is increasing: a billion years from now, it should have all but swallowed the Earth. So how does the Ninth World even exist? Why are there fewer planets in our solar system? How, and why, was our world engineered to survive this long? The beings of the prior worlds clearly did . . . something. And now, thanks to discoveries made in the datasphere, the PCs can discover what happened those unimaginably long aeons ago—and how those discoveries are vitally important to the survival of the Ninth World.

Edge of the Sun offers a jaw-dropping, entirely new adventuring locale out in the infinite void, and thrilling, epic adventures that potentially affect the entirety of the Ninth World itself. Although it can be a part of any Numenera game, if you were ever looking for an incredible finale to a long-running campaign, this would fit the bill!

The Numenera: Liminal Shores Kickstarter campaign is live now and runs through 13 September.

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